Dalzell Furniture Dressing Table Cover Photo

Timeless, Vintage Furniture Painted By Hand

At Dalzell Furniture we believe that every handcrafted chest of drawers, sideboard, and dressing table once had a story to tell.

Nowadays? Modern manufacturing favours wasteful, mass produced furniture that just isn’t built to last.

That’s why we’re determined to do things differently.

We use traditional techniques to re-imagine these ageless classics for the modern era, refurbishing and painting in a range of styles including shabby chic, retro, and contemporary. We also stock a selection of hand-picked vintage and retro items and accessories.

The results are stunning, unique pieces of furniture that are given the opportunity to continue their story with you in your home or business.

Browse the store and you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. If not? Don’t worry. We can also refurbish and paint your existing furniture in a style and colours of your choosing.


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